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Do you need to  start marketing on Social Media? Or boost your Social Media Marketing? 

As a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Solorpreneur or Fiber Artist do you wear too many hats?  Let our Team partner with you so that your business thrives.  Our Expert Virtual Assistants maximize your Web presence to increase sales.

Do you need help with your FaceBook or InstaGram business pages?

Let us research and develop a marketing plan that is as unique as your business.  Expanding your reach generates more traffic and boosts sales.

Do you have the same dreaded tasks on your "To Do List" every week?

Our Team can transform your business as we handle those dreaded tasks, allowing you to focus in other areas of your business.  Admin tasks and customer relations are only a couple of the services we provide.

About Me

Karen Leads the Expert Virtual Assistant Team at Montauk Professional Services, LLC specializing in Social Media Marketing and handling your time consuming or tedious tasks.  By freeing up that time, Karen helps transform your business by allowing you to focus on other important things.

She is committed to partnering with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Fiber Artists to expand their Web reach, increasing sales so that you can "Live Your Best Life".

Expert Virtual Assistant and Social Media Marketing make sense...

Karen's journey to become an entrepreneur started shortly after graduating from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and a Major in Finance.  Immediately following, it was evident that she was self-motivated and her integrity and knowledge was superior earning her  a position within two years as a Branch Manager of a large Commercial Bank in New Jersey.  Leaving the Corporate world was an easy choice, gaining more experience in the private sector.

While successfully homeschooling her children from PreK through and including High School the entrepreneurial spirit continued to flourish. Karen's leadership roles continued to grow in the homeschool community as well as the Fiber Arts World.  Working independently has motivated her to start Montauk Professional Services to help business owners see their vision become a reality.

Get To Know Karen ~

Karen grew up and lived in New Jersey until the end of the Summer of 2018.  She lived on a farm in Hope, NJ raising angora goats, dairy goats, ducks, chickens and her buddy Mozart, the genius GoldenDoodle.  Fiber farming is something she hopes to do again and now lives in North Carolina and settling into life as a Southerner.

Three Things You Might Find Interesting about Karen~

1. Her children ROCK her world!

2. She processes fleece and spins her own yarn.  Dyes yarn, knits, crochets, weaves and loves to teach these skills.

3. Montauk, New York will always hold a special place in her heart after spending her Summers there.  Her parents loved Montauk and she has honored them by naming her business Montauk Professional Services, LLC.



Social Media Marketing

~Set up FB/IG Business Pages​

~Research Hashtags (#'s)

~Create posts/images


~Regular Rate ~ $45.00/hr

~Packages upon request

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