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  • Scheduling, Scheduling and Scheduling. Due to the nature of my industry and my business model; I am continually required to participate in various forms of communication. They could be face to face, conference calls, Video Presentations or multiple combinations of these. Karen always insured that I was aware of what was required for each of these and had the necessary resources to accomplish what ever was required.

  • Karen’s assistance has proven to be an invaluable resource over time. With her assistance I have been able to reduce my involvement in certain segments  of my business, which in turn  that has given me a greater opportunity for a more equitable distribution of my work life balance. 

  • Karen is a one of a kind resource. I have always found her to be capable of any challenge I have presented and I would have no compunction recommending her to any other individual or entity. 

  • Tenacity and Honesty. There are two characteristics that Karen possesses that I admire and that have proven useful throughout our business relationship. 

  • What, if anything, can she do to improve her service? reminds me of the old adage” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Brett H. Brettschneider
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